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  • Enjoyed studying in Antwerp & Leuven

  • Obtained my PhD at the University of Antwerp

  • Moved from Mechelen to Canberra in 2014

  • Left the sunny surf beaches of Australia in 2017 for the equally appealing "strandtenten" in The Hague

  • Still prefers a "flat white" for coffee (even if they do not taste as good as Down Under)

  • Often on the move between Mechelen & The Hague

  • Has the ability to watch The West Wing an infinite amount of times

  • Big fan of The Wire

  • Would like to play more drums, piano and attend more jazz concerts

  • Always enjoys a good political biography (like Team of Rivals & The Bridge), the better popular science books (such as Outliers & Give and Take), and anything from Michael Lewis (but Moneyball & The Big Short in particular)

  • Equally appreciates a Trappist beer from time to time, in particular Chimay (Bleue) and Westvleteren (Blond)

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